February 2010 / March 2011


Organisation : Bourgogne Népal Tibet


The project: Setting up an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal.


The purpose of our trip was to find a spot in the outskirts of Kathmandu where we could build a house that would become a new orphanage for BNT.


We scoured the city for nearly 10 days, visiting a huge number of plots, but without success.

The prices were too high for our budget. So during the trip our plans with BNT changed; we would finance all of the material needed to improve conditions in the orphanage as well as providing for an additional floor to make space for another 15 children.


We went back to Nepal a year later, in February 2011, to check on the project’s progress. We found a generator, tables, beds, a fridge, a computer, books… and the famous 2nd floor!


A great success, all thanks to the 3000 people ‘running’ the project with us!


February 2011 / film by Charles gay

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