Trip around Southeast Asia, June 2008

When back in Paris, France, he got together with his designer cousin Noé Noviant… and the Maï adventure began. They wanted to give a sense of purpose to their enterprise. As a result of travels, encounters and other influences, they realized their desire for the company to have human values .

Why not finance projects by selling our shoes? Help good causes to progress as we do ourselves! And progress further through our connection to the projects! Maï became something much more inspiring: "MaïProject"

On a trip around Southeast Asia in June 2008, Arthur Schildge was travelling through the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand where he came across a pair of shoes that would accompany him on the rest of his journey.


A few days later, sitting in the back row of a bus to Laos, his legs stretched out, Arthur looked at his feet and imagined his simple shoes in hundreds of colors...

20 coulors !

The inspiration ...

Project in Nepal, February 2010

Arthur at the factory in China

Wearing MaïProject means being part of a story. Everyone walking in maïproject is running a project.


In November 2009 Arthur and Noé met their first entrepreneurs, Anne and Hervé, for a project to build an orphanage in Kathmandu. A few days later the tickets were booked! And two months later they were in Nepal...


The brand would finally launch in June 2010 at the Merci concept store in Paris.

Installation at Merci concept store

Project 1 print, map of Kathmandu


Noé at the factory in Portugal

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