Kenya preview

August 2012 / film by Charles Gay



August 2012


Organisation : Les ailes de Siligi


The project: Meeting the Samburu community and running an information campaign against female circumcision.


We set off in August 2012 with the charity "Les Ailes de Siligi" to help with the campaign in northern Kenya in the Samburu district.


Alongside the campaign, MaïProject produced a documentary about charity’s work.


During this time, we traveled 1500 kilometers and visited 10 villages.

Each stage involved bringing together the villagers, meeting with decision makers, and presenting the way of working. Following this, discussions were organized and several interviews conducted to collect as much material as possible for the documentary.


Here are a few words from the head of "Les Ailes de Siligi", Martine Sarri: "We support  the rights of children, especially of girls, the respect of every person and their right to say NO. Our goal is to try to change their mindset regarding genital mutilation, but so that they become the ones making the change. '


The documentary is currently being made and it will be ready later in 2013.


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