20 couleurs

March 2011 / film by Charles gay / music by Armand Amar



March 2011


Organisation : Sruti


The project: Building a women’s education center in Northern India.


Sruti is a charity that provides help in various areas: education for children, health education for women, prevention...


Alexandrine Lambotte Saligari (Head of Sruti in France) and Shashi Singh (Head of Sruti in India) defend women’s rights, primarily in the village of Bamrouli, in the Uttar Pradesh region of northern India.

The project aims to build and help develop a women’s education center. This will give the women a dedicated building where they can learn a trade.


Shashi inherited some land in this small village and decided to use it to help her charity. Having found the land, they needed to find some funding to build on it.


Thanks to our partnership with French retail chain Monoprix, "MaïProject pour Monoprix", and the funds raised from the auction of our March 2011 art exhibition "20Couleurs", we have reached 54,000 euros.


Thank you to the artists and those at the auction, but also to all of you ‘running’ the project!




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